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About Kelkin

Mueslis and granolas from Kelkin Ireland

What we do…

Here at Kelkin, it’s our mission to make the healthy choice the easy choice! We believe that, for all of us, our health and wellbeing are the most important things we have, but we understand that looking after and maintaining them is not always easy!

We are committed to producing healthier food options to enable you and your family to lead fuller lives. We believe the key to a balanced diet is to enjoy good food in moderation. We don’t suggest that you cut treats out of your diet, rather we recommend keeping them to a minimum and in order to lead a truly balanced lifestyle, you should include physical activity as part of your everyday routine.

Natural skincareFor 40 years we have been providing Irish families with a range of wholesome and delicious foods and vitamins and natural skincare. Our range includes our own Kelkin brand, offering delicious mueslis and granolas, treats like popcorn and rice and corn cakes, juices, and a large range of free from products along with vitamin and mineral supplements and natural skincare products free from parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate.

We also distribute a number of leading brands across grocery and pharmacy outlets. To see more about our partner brands click here »

Kelkin have recognised how people’s mindsets are changing as there is an overall drive to lead healthier, more active lifestyles, and to make positive choices to improve their families wellbeing. As a result of our knowledge and expertise in healthfoods and wellbeing, we are proven category partners with major supermarkets in this area. We pioneered the healthfood sections in supermarkets over ten years ago and today work tirelessly with Irish retailers to make shopping this section of the supermarket an easier, more pleasurable and informative experience for consumers.