Because it feels good!

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Because It Feels Good Tips

Keep hydrated - Kelkin

1. Keep hydrated… because it feels good!

One of the most common reasons for tiredness is dehydration. Every process in our body occurs in water, aim to drink 2L of fluid every day to function at your best. The centre in your brain that tells you that you’re thirsty also tells you when you’re hungry… make sure not to confuse the two! Get in the habit of having some fluid with each meal or snack.

High Fibre Foods - Kelkin

2. Choose high fibre foods… because it feels good!

High fibre foods take longer to leave your stomach than low fibre foods thereby keeping you feeling fuller for longer. Although there are lots of benefits to having a diet rich in fibre, one of the most important health gains is that fibre helps to eliminate the more harmful byproducts of digestion from the body by clinging to them and preventing them from being absorbed. This is part of the reason why a high fibre diet has been shown to reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart disease!

Fruits & Vegetables - Kelkin

3. Make sure every meal is colourful… because it feels good!

Did you know that fruits and vegetables contain compounds called phytochemicals? These compounds give fruits and vegetables their characteristic colour, flavour, smell and texture. Together with vitamins, minerals and fibre, fruit and veg can really help reduce the risk of many diseases including heart disease and certain cancers. The benefits of fruit and veg are compounded when you focus on increasing the number of colours on your plate as each colour represents different combinations of phytochemicals…. Challenge yourself to include three colours at every meal to reap these benefits and to boost your immune system.

Strong muscles & bones - Kelkin

4. Get Moving…. because it feels good!

Try to exercise daily, despite the weather… Regular exercise has been shown to improve both physical and mental health. Exercise is considered the best preventative pill when it comes to reducing the risk of illness, both mental and physical, thereby adding both quantity and quality to your life. So to boost your mood, energy and health as well as keep your muscles and bones strong, aim for 10,000 steps each day!

5. Make sure your diet is rich in all of the B vitamins… because it feels good!

B Vitamins are involved in lots of processes in our bodies including metabolizing proteins and carbohydrates and boosting our mood. As they are water soluble and easily damaged, it is important to make sure you get lots of green veggies and lean meat as well as some low fat dairy daily, as these are the best sources of B vitamins in our diet.

Kelkin High Fibre Granola Bars

6. To improve your energy levels, eat less sugar… because it feels good!

Sugar provides us with a very temporary energy increase, followed by an instant energy lull, thereby leaving us with erratic energy levels! So avoid processed sugary treats and drinks and instead opt for healthy fibre rich snacks… And see your energy levels improve!

Kelkin cut the salt

7. Feeling bloated? Reduce your salt intake… because it feels good!

A lot of us get more than the recommended 6g of salt per day. The truth is that most of the salt we consume is already in our food…. So try and have less processed food and no matter what you do, remove that saltshaker from the kitchen table! There are plenty of ways to add taste to your food, such as herbs, spices and even fruit juices!

Kelkin healthy snacks

8. Don’t skip meals!

Skipping meals has been shown to play havoc with mood, slow metabolism, and even lead to erratic energy levels and cravings for sugar. What’s more, these lulls in energy may result in extreme hunger and feelings of anxiety! If that’s not enough to encourage you to eat regularly, studies have shown that you are more likely to overeat at the next meal leading to weight gain! A top tip is to always have an emergency healthy snack nearby in case you get delayed.

9. Use a spray oil in the kitchen! Because it feels good!

Often people say that they add a dash of oil to the pan when cooking… but how much oil is a dash? There is about 100kcal in each tablespoon of oil or ‘dash’ of oil into the pan. Use spray oil or add your oil of choice to a spray container. By using a spray oil, you will save yourself lots of calories!

Kelkin journey

10. Chart your success and track your progress… because it feels good!

Often people talk about tracking their diet when trying to maintain a new healthy lifestyle to avoid veering off track… but why not turn this around and track your healthy lifestyle so that you can recognise all the achievements and landmarks that you pass on your new healthy journey? It’s so important to recognise your achievements, no matter how small.