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“The expert market knowledge of the dedicated team at Kelkin has certainly ensured our success in ROI. I know our Brand is in good hands and the exceptional growth we have experienced over the last few years is testimony to that.”

Katie Birrell, Export Sales Manager, Nairn’s Oatcakes Ltd


Kelkin cereals

“It is with great pleasure that I recall my connections with Kelkin Ltd. since the late 70´s when Ken Kinsella set up the Dublin based company. Kelkin was one of the pioneers of the healthy food revolution in Ireland, they would have been one of the first companies to bring rice cakes into the gluten free market, which are still a staple food for many coeliacs. The company has shown a strong commitment and passion for providing healthier options to consumers and the popularity and availability of their products reflects this.

Kelkin provides wholesome food choices as well as a vast range of pharmaceutical products suitable for the gluten free diet. They have been the distributor for the Nairns range of gluten free products for many years and these days they have a great range of gluten free dietary products available under the Kelkin brand, featured in the Coeliac Society’s Food List – Breads, Biscuits, Cakes, Porridge & Muesli, Cornflakes and Buckwheat Flakes, Rice Cakes in different varieties, these products are widely available in most supermarkets throughout the country. I wish Kelkin Ltd. every success in the future and thank them most sincerely on behalf of the Coeliac Society for all the support they have given to the Society through the years.”

Anne Manning, Coeliac Society of Ireland


“We have a solid relationship with Kelkin, built over countless years. The team has always given us ‘fruitful’ suggestions for the further growth of St. Dalfour. Whats more, they continue to successfully rise to the challenge and, what can sometimes appear impossible, simply becomes reality.”

Claude Kistner, Sinéad Boussiquot, St. Dalfour, France.