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Kelkin Female VitaminsFEMALE VITAMINS

Women of every age, height, weight, and activity level have at least one thing in common: They need certain nutrients that our bodies don’t make, but require to function properly. Sometimes we don’t get enough of these nutrients through our food and therefore must supplement our diet with vitamins.

B vitamins are important nutrients as they help to contribute to your overall health in a number of ways. Folic acid is available in 400µg in both the Kelkin Folic Acid supplement as well as Kelkin B Complex. Folic Acid is a water soluble B vitamin which contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Folic Acid is well known for its importance for women of child bearing aging to assist in prevention of neural tube defects in babies. Kelkin Female Health range consists of two products Kelkin B Complex and Kelkin Folic Acid.