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Products supplied to IRFU

4774084_IRFU_Logo_108x127Kelkin Products supplied to the IRFU

Kelkin has a partnership with the IRFU as an official supplier to Irish Rugby.

Kelkin will supply the IRFU with a range of our products which have been approved by IRFU Performance Nutritionist Ruth Wood-Martin.

See below for a list of approved products:

Original Muesli 750g »
Easy Eat Muesli 1kg »
IRFU-ProductsTriple Berry Granola »
Fruit & Nut Granola »
Multiseed Granola »
Healthy Heart Mixed Berry Muesli »
Healthy Heart Gluten Free Pure Oat Porridge »
Gluten Free Buckwheat Flakes »
Gluten Free Cornflakes »
Thin Slice Rice Cakes Unsalted »
Multigrain Corn Cakes »
Organic Oat Cakes »
Crunchy Peanut Butter »
Smooth Peanut Butter »
Sunflower Seeds »
Chia Seeds »